The very extremely ugly truth is that homophobia, like all prejudice, is absurd and ridiculous. Now more than ever, if you are part of the majority in this country, you need to take a stand against discrimination in whatever way you can.
— Director of ELIJAH'S ASHES: Ryan Barton-Grimley: THE ADVOCATE


Elijah’s Ashes is an unabashed exploration of family, sexuality and acceptance within the confines of a road trip setting.
— Chris Olson - UK Film Review
Elijah’s Ashes is a well-written, well-performed and well-paced piece that it becomes proof in itself that low budget films can truly entertain when done right. This is done right.
— Carl Burgess - SCREEN CRITIX
As a funny entertaining film? “Elijah’s Ashes” fills the bill nicely.
ELIJAH’S ASHES may be one of the best comedies of 2017! The characters are perfectly created, the soundtrack is neat and the overall trip is something we not only saw, but experienced one hundred percent!
ELIJAH’S ASHES is an actor’s showcase, but proves Barton-Grimley as a director, he definitely has a feel for human behavior in those smaller, quieter moments that stick with us.
— DITR Film Reviews
Heroically dumb, that is just about as awesome a character description as you can ask for.
— Justin Kincaid - FILM FERVOR
RYAN BARTON-GRIMLEY and ARI SCHNEIDER, both of whom wrote the film as well as star in it, are up-and-coming talents to keep your eyes on